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Reviews from satisfied marketing, content creation, and travel planning clients:

"Kim was more than willing to take on the task of creating some graphics for my online boutique. I simply gave her my website, gave some information about what I was looking for and she delivered well-organized and aesthetically pleasing style and pricing graphics that I am excited to use for my online boutique. Kim was very easy to work with and got the job done quickly. I highly recommend!"

~Lindsay E., United States

"Kimberly is a sound, dependable marketing professional that I trust and truly enjoy working with. She has excellent writing skills that have helped me immensely when it comes to e-mail and marketing communications. Her contributions and input are helpful and highly valued, and I look forward to our continued work together."

~Salim O., United States

"It was a great honor working with you. Professional and an exceptional communicator. Thank you so much. 6 stars out of 5 for sure!"

~Carmel F., United States

"She did a GREAT job! I had a great experience thank you so much! Highly recommended!"

~Samantha R. United States

"Exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended. Thank you so much. Will definitely seek you out for my next project."

~Richard P., United States

"Kimberly proactively approached this project and was highly efficient."

~Aurelia R., Germany


"Thank you! Responsive and did a great job. I get the impression that you treated my small project as though it was yours :). Thank you and I will be back soon."

~S.M., United States

"She's AMAZING! Booking more projects with her right now!"

~Chase B., United States


"Kimberly does a masterful job of planning a trip while respecting your budget; which is NOT an easy task. You can come to her with a location already in mind or just with a budget... she can help you plan it out and take that first step with no headaches."

~Alexis B., United States

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