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My Story

Hi, I’m Kimberly!

Single mom to one AMAZING little boy, and born and raised in Alexandria, VA. 


I came from a single parent home where my mother struggled to take care of me and my older sister.


Despite our family struggles, I still managed to become the first female of my generation to attend college, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech in 2004 and a MBA in Business Administration from George Mason University in 2010.


When I graduated, I spent those first few years doing what any other college graduate would do once they started making their own money: I bought a nice car, moved into a fancy apartment, and traveled with friends at every opportunity.


However, those fun years eventually came to an abrupt end in 2012, as I went through some of the hardest years of my life.


The next four years were marked by not one but THREE job losses, having to give up my apartment and move back home with mom, an unexpected pregnancy, filing bankruptcy, losing my car AND having to give up nearly everything I owned other than the clothes on my back.


I felt like a failure. All that I had worked for up until that point had gone down the drain. At times I felt like my entire life was a waste.


But despite hitting rock bottom more than once, I refused to let it define me or tear me away from my dreams. 

After landing a great corporate position in late 2016, I told myself that I would never, EVER put myself in a position to have my ground swept from under me again. Life was too short, I was determined to recover, rise up, and come out strong.


From that point on, every step I took was intentional toward my life dreams of working for myself, and being able to do so from anywhere in the world.


In late 2017 I launched my blog Travel Unapologetically, where I provide inspiration, travel tips, and coaching to single parents and women who travel solo. In January 2018, I launched Kimberly N. Miles Enterprises, providing freelance marketing support and resume writing.


In June 2018, I took the biggest blind leap of faith ever, quit my corporate job, and moved abroad with my son to sunny Puerto Vallarta on the west coast of Mexico. 

In January 2020, Kimberly N. Miles Enterprises changed to the KNM Virtual Solutions that you know and see today.


Since making the move, I now have the freedom to be more present in my son’s as well as travel as I please. Making the leap has felt like a load lifted off of my shoulders, as my time is now MINE again.


And when I’m not out enjoying the sunshine or beautiful beaches just minutes away from our home, I spend my time helping other single mamas and entrepreneurial women create a life that they love. 

Whether I’m helping them run their business more efficiently so they can also be more present with their loved ones, or helping them create their own location independent lifestyle, my goal is to help other women like myself be the best form of themselves so they can be the best for their children and families.​

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