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Create a Thriving Location-Independent Business and Live a Free, Unapologetic Lifestyle that Serves You and Your Family in just 12 weeks! 



Hey mama,


I get're sick and tired of the rat race.

You're tired of the 9-5 and working your butt off for less money than you deserve only to make someone ELSE'S dreams come true. You're tired of rushing home each and every day, exhausted and stressed out, only to take it out on your children and do it all the next day.


Those feelings SUCK...and when you’re a single mom, it often feels like you're on the verge of a mental breakdown because you JUST. CAN'T. TAKE. ANYMORE.

I get it, because that was me. I was that mom. 


I'd spend at least an hour to and from work each day. My child's daycare saw more of him than I did, and when I get home, it was an evening of tantrums, crying, and yelling as we rushed to get ready for the next day.

On top of it all, when I wanted to take time off to quality spend with him, I had to ask for approval!


Until one day I woke up and told myself, “NO MORE."


No more spending 12+ hours a day away from my son only to "wash, rinse, and repeat" the next day…


No more sacrificing what I really wanted to fulfill someone else’s dream…


No more living paycheck to paycheck doing something I hated…


No more waiting on someone else’s approval to travel with my son and explore all the world has to offer…


And most importantly…


No more falling into that “single mom” label that says that I CAN’T or SHOULDN’T live the life of freedom that serves my family best!

So I got all my ducks in order, put in my notice, and left my marketing and business development career of nearly 15 years to move abroad to Mexico and finally work for MYSELF.


No more of the rat race. It was time to STOP living life for others and finally start living for ME and my son!

I want the same for you, mama.


If you are ready to break free from the rat race and the societal burdens that come along with the “single mom” label, the Unapologetic Mama Fast Track Program is for you.


This self-paced program is for single and solo mamas who are ready to create their own thriving location-independent business that serves their TRUE passions and gives them back the time to be truly present with their children.


Over the course of 12 self-paced modules, you will learn to build and most importantly, MARKET your location-independent business (because what good is a dream business if you don't have any clients?).


These are the same exact modules, videos, and activities taught to the mamas in the former Unapologetic Mamas Entrepreneurs Club. No edits, no cuts!

You'll also receive:

  • Unlimited LIFETIME Access to the "Virtual Classroom": This is where you can access and download all of the videos, PDFs, etc. You'll have 24/7/365 access to anything and everything covered from forms and PDFs to training videos.

  • Unlimited Self-Promotion: You no longer have to wait until Wednesday to promote your business and services in the From Single Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group. As a participant, your self-promo posts are approved every day of the week.

  • 50% off 1:1 Coaching Session: Receive 50% off the regular price of a 1:1 coaching session with me, where we'll dive into your specific goals and discuss a strategic pathway to reaching those goals.

  • Support Access: Reach out to me directly via e-mail or direct message whenever you have questions about the modules or its related activities.


What does FREEDOM look like to you?

As a program participant, you’ll receive the tools and training to:


  • Uncover and discover how to monetize your skills and passions.

  • Learn to build and execute a business plan that fits the unique goals and needs of your family.

  • Leverage the power of networking and referrals to have your business market itself.

  • Unlock the secrets to building a powerful community and client base, even outside of your home country.

  • Find and effectively target your ideal audience using both online and offline marketing methods.

  • How to build the proper systems and structure so that you're spending less time behind the screen and more time in front of your little ones.

  • Overcome the mindset issues keeping most single moms from reaching their true entrepreneurial potential.

  • Build multiple streams of income to forever take care of you and your family.

  • Unveil your true talents and worth as an entrepreneur and recognize how many people need YOU! 


What You Will Learn:

  • MODULE 1: Program Introduction/Getting Started (Tips for Success)

  • MODULE 2: Mindset is Everything

  • MODULE 3: Turning Your Passions Into Profit

  • MODULE 4: Defining and Finding Your Ideal Audience

  • MODULE 5: Setting Up Your Business

  • MODULE 6: Putting Yourself Out There

  • MODULE 7: Building Authority Through Content

  • MODULE 8: Pricing Your Products/Services

  • MODULE 9: Get Efficient, Get Focused (Tools for Productivity)

  • MODULE 10: Delivering 5-Star Service

  • MODULE 11: The Power of Referrals and Testimonials

  • MODULE 12: Growth and Scaling

Take part in this game-changing, LIFE-changing program for just $99!

You may be wondering (FAQs)…

  • Are these live trainings that require me to log on at a certain time?

    • Nope! This is a completely self-paced program. The videos are pre-recorded and are the EXACT live trainings (no cuts, no edits) given to members of the former Unapologetic Mamas Entrepreneurs Club Community.

  • Do I have to be a single mother or a mother at all to participate?

    • Not at all! While some of the videos may make reference to mom-life, the content itself is applicable and valuable to ANY aspiring female entrepreneur.

  • I've been looking for an easy and fast way to make money while working from home...will this help me do that? 

    • Building a thriving and successful business takes time and there is no such thing as an overnight success. The content in this program will take time, effort and commitment. If you are looking for a "get rich quick" type of business, this program is NOT for you.

  • Can I get a refund if learn that the program is not what I expected? 

    • Unfortunately, refunds are not provided for the fast-track program. That said, if you are unsure whether this program is right for you, I encourage you to book a complimentary "Getting To Know You" call with me so we can chat about it first.


To be fully present for your family while living a life that fully serves YOU and your passions: PRICELESS.

For just $0.27/day, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support to break free of societal labels and build a lifestyle that serves you and your family.


For just $0.27/day, you'll be able to build and secure generational wealth for you and your family. 


For just $0.27/day, you'll be able to give yourself the life you truly want, doing ONLY what serves you and your true purpose. 


Listen, you're probably already spending at LEAST 10x of that amount on your daily cup of coffee...


So tell me, how much is having financial and physical freedom with your children REALLY worth to you?

Get on your path to freedom with the Unapologetic Mamas Fast Track Program today!

With love,

Kimberly N. Miles


Hi, I'm Kimberly, owner of KNM Virtual Solutions and author of the blog and website, Travel Unapologetically!


In June 2018, I took the biggest blind leap of faith ever, quit my corporate marketing career of nearly 15 years, and relocated to sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my son.


Since leaving everything I've known to move to another country, I've provided myself the freedom to be more present in my son’s as well as travel as I please. It has felt like a load lifted off of my shoulders, as my time is now MINE again.

Whether I’m helping them run their business more efficiently so they can also be more present in their families, or helping them create their own location independent lifestyle, my goal is to help other single mothers like myself be the best form of themselves so they can be the best and give the best to their children.​

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All rights reserved.

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