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5 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Business

Nowadays, it seems as though there are blogs for just about every topic. Whether it's food, fashion, motherhood, or travel, people all over the world are taking to the internet to write about their passions. Some are even managing to make big bucks in passive income!

But do you really need one for your business?

One of the most common questions among those who are just starting their business and/or are looking to enhance their websites is "Should I start a blog?"

The answer? Yes, you absolutely should.

In fact, there are several reasons why blogging will benefit your business. Here are five of them:

1. It establishes yourself as an expert.

A blog will give you the opportunity to dive in and talk about those topics that you are the most knowledgeable and passionate about. To someone who is searching for that information, you immediately become an expert in the subject matter, and perhaps even their "go-to" person when they or someone they know have questions.

2. It helps increase your visibility.

By referring someone to your blog or a blog post, you draw attention to your website link and may even encourage them to learn more about you and browse through other areas of your site. Having a blog also increases your probability of having another blogger link to your website if the post is relevant to their topic. Those who enjoy your blog post and website will share it with their followers, taking your visibility and reach to the next level.

3. It helps boost your web traffic.

As mentioned above, the more visibility you have among your social networks, the more people will click on the link to your website. However, having a blog filled with relevant SEO-optimized keywords also boosts your search engine visibility and rankings, therefore boosting the organic traffic to your website.

4. It gives you a conversation piece.

Think about how many times you've been in a networking event or group setting with strangers and didn't know how to spark a conversation. By introducing yourself as the author of an interesting and information-packed blog, you're almost certain to pique the interest of those listening (which will then take you back to #1...establishing yourself as an expert). Additionally, if it is a topic you are passionate about, you won't have to worry about being at a loss for words!

5. It can boost your sales.

No one really enjoys being sold to, especially if it is in a direct and intrusive manner. However, your blog gives you an easy platform to talk about and cross-promote and sell your products or products of your partners and/or affiliates. It also gives you the opportunity to refer them to more of your blog posts that may be helpful.

The next hardest part after making the decision to create a blog for your website is actually brainstorming and developing the content. However, that part doesn't have to be burdening or stressful. Even if you don't personally enjoy writing, you could always hire a ghostwriter or a copywriter to write on your behalf!

Interested in starting or enhancing your business blog? Contact me today to learn how KNM Virtual Solutions' content creation packages can help make your life easier!

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